The Guest House is open all year round, equipped with a comfortable private pool, in the green tranquility of the hills of Alto Monferrato Ovadese where still days, from sunrise to sunset, are marked by the chimes of the bells; in a rustic of the . I 800 perfectly renovated, equipped accommodation modern and perfectly equipped facilities are at your disposal for a week or even a single holiday weekend.

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Il Castello di Molare

Castles and Villages

The Alto Monferrato has the highest density of Castles of Europe…… some of these are open to the public, rich in charm and history.

La Bollente di Acqui

Thermal Springs and Archaeological Sites

The city of Acqui Terme, the Roman Aquae Statiellae, is famous for its healing thermal waters since ancient times

Francesco sulla vetta del Tobbio


The territory of the Province of Alessandria preserves a rich network of routes (consisting of paths, mule tracks and nearby roads)

Passeggiata a cavallo tra le vigne

Riding in the vineyards

Horseback ride in Alto Monferrato allows you to spend a holiday far away from everything and everyone, surrounded by breathtaking views and hills full of vineyards

Un Green tra le vigne


Monferrato offers a fertile ground for golf enthusiasts: here there are many golf courses and some boast the record of being among the most beautiful in Italy.

Bicicletta, natura e libertà

Cycle tourism

Alessandria has a natural vocation for cycling, thanks to Novi Ligure, the city of Coppi and Girardengo.

The simple gesture of opening a bottle of wine has procured more happiness to humanity of all the governments of world history. Taste is a mystery that finds its best expression in wine.